Geo Fencing

RA2 Select main repeater and the Lutron App

The RA2 Select main repeater allows for setup, control, integration and monitoring of in-line dimmers and switches, Pico scene keypads, and wireless blinds from a smartphone or tablet using the Lutron App.


Add personalised scenes to control multiple lights and blinds together at the touch of a button. Create a "movie" scene that dims lights and lowers blinds as the movie begins. Or create a "goodnight" scene that turns off all your lights and closes blinds before you drift off to sleep.


Schedule lights and blinds to adjust automatically at set times of day. Turn on your porch light at sunset and turn it off at sunrise. Turn lights on to a soft level and slightly raise blinds every morning as you head into the kitchen for coffee.


The geofencing feature controls lights based on your location. Maybe you always leave the entryway lights on as you head out the door in the morning? Geofencing will turn them off for you once you're out the door. It can also turn lights on for you when you come home.

How to setup a Geofencing scene with RA2 Select

This guide describes how to enable your system to change device levels when you arrive or leave home, Geofencing does the work for you in case you forget. Note: You cannot have some family members set to use the 'phone GPS' and some family members set to use Nest. When one person changes the setting, it will affect all the family members. Instructions

  • If the map does not appear, tap "Change Home Location," to enter your address manually.

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