Thiết bị khuyến nghị sử dụng khi Kiểm tra và Bảo trì hệ thống


When troubleshooting or servicing a Savant system in the field, having the devices and equipment listed in this article available helps to ensure that troubleshooting occurs in an efficient, effective manner, and reduces the potential need for return trips to the site.

Savant Support strongly recommends that all Savant Dealers and technicians keep the items listed below readily available when visiting any Savant job site, and particularly when submitting a case with Savant Support for troubleshooting assistance.


  1. Savant Development Environment (SDE)

    • A Macbook running a supported version of MacOS, with a licensed copy of Racepoint Blueprint installed on it.

  2. Savant Studio App and Controller

    • Apple® iPad running a currently supported version of iOS with the Savant Studio app installed and a Savant SSC-W103I controller. Used for easy deployment of configurations, quick changes/modifications to the config including updated IP addressing or UIDs, onboarding of Savant devices, IR learning, and more.

  3. Wired USB Keyboard and Mouse

    • Useful for many troubleshooting procedures, advanced system administration, or diagnosis of potential hardware failures.

    • Keyboard and mouse should be simple, hardwired USB options that are not reliant on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or the installation of any special drivers.

  4. HDMI Monitor (Up to to 4k Resolution)

    • Small, portable, known-working HDMI display device with support for all resolutions up to and including 4K. This allows for efficient isolation of video issues by testing from rack/source component down signal path to endpoint.

  5. Powered Speakers with RCA to 3.5mm Adapters

    • Small, portable, known-working powered speakers with RCA to 3.5mm adapters. These allow for efficient isolation of audio issues by testing from rack/source component down signal path to endpoint.

  6. Network and Cable Testing Set

    • Tool set for testing potentially faulty cable runs or terminations.

  7. Digital Multi-Meter

    • For continuity verification, troubleshooting power supplies, and testing GPIO functionality.

  8. Cables and Adapters

    • Savant strongly recommends that spare, known-working cables and adapters for all connection types used be carried at all times. The list below provides some common examples:

      • SmartConnect Cable

      • CAT5B and CAT6B Cabling

      • RJ45 Connectors

      • RJ45 Crimping Tool

      • Multiple HDMI Cables

      • Digital COAX, Optical, and RCA Cables

      • DAC Cables and/or OM3 Fiber and Transceiver Modules (for AVoIP

      • deployments.)

      • RS232 Adapters (At least one of each color. See the RS232

      • Troubleshooting Guide for specifics.)

      • Display-port-to-HDMI Adapter

      • CAT5 to DB9 Adapter (comes with CPT-1xxx.)

      • iOS Device on the Latest Released iOS software with the Savant Pro App, SmartConnect app, and Savant Studio (if applicable) installed.

  • HDMI Signal Tester

    • To ensure all HDMI cables used are viable.

  • Replacement Networking Equipment

    • A simple, pre-configured, known-working and up-to-date WiFi Router (i.e. Netgear Nighthawk.)

  • Unmanaged PoE+ Switch

  • Cables for iOS and Android Devices

    • Apple: Lightning to USB Cable

    • Android: USB-C / Micro-USB to USB Cable

  • Savant Component Profile Testing Toolkit (CPT-1xxx)

    • An essential tool for integrating 3rd party components with Savant. The CPT-1xxx series kits allow for verification of Profile functionality (especially useful for retrofits to confirm compatibility of existing devices before system installation), capture and editing of codes for IR Profiles, and more effective troubleshooting of potential integration issues in the field.


  1. XML Editor

    • Savant recommends familiarity with Oxygen™ or a similar text editing software suitable for working with XML, to be used for editing or creating advanced customized Component Profiles.

    • Lựa chọn bổ sung: SubthaEdit / TextMate

  2. Current Version of Savant Application Manager (SAM)

  3. A Supported Version of Racepoint Blueprint

  4. Network Scanning Software

Backup Components

  1. Savant Host

    • A Savant Host with the latest version of da Vinci software installed, and runtime license applied.

  2. Chassis Replaceable Power Supply and Fuse Kit.

  3. Complete Set of HDMI Extenders (HRX-4KVLCxx).

  4. Spare Controller (SSC-0012).

Safety & Sanitation

  1. N95-rated Face Mask

  2. Hand Sanitizer

  3. Disposable Coveralls

  4. Boot Covers

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