Động cơ rèm kéo ngang Forest RS485

Connecting the FX-bus (RS485) of an Eco (S) or Eco HD (M) Shuttle receiver to Home Automation

IMPORTANT: standard port setting of the Shuttle motor is communication on RS232 mode. To set the Shuttle to RS485 mode, press the configuration button on bottom of the motor 29 (!) times. Each button press the LED on the ports will move on to the next LED. After 29 presses, confirm by pressing once more, keep pressed for 5 seconds.

The Forest Eco Shuttle (S), L or Eco Shuttle HD (M) receiver can be controlled by FX bus (Forest eXtension bus). The 2 ports on the bottom of the Shuttle are partly FX ports. Shuttles are connected together to form a FX bus. Serial commands at RS485 level can be send between the Shuttle motor and an outside Controller/PC. Shuttles are connected to each other in a bus- or daisy chain-network and to a control device. Star network also possible but limited. Total physical bus wiring length can be up to 1200 meter (3936ft), with up to 32 Shuttles on a bus.

All Shuttles have standard the address ‘OWN’. This address can be changed to a unique address before connecting to the FX-bus. Commands are addressed directly to a Shuttle or, in some cases, globally to the entire bus. In order to get a response message from a Shuttle (position ect.) you need to send a request to a unique address. The addressed motor will then respond with a message onto the bus to the Home Automation system / Controller / PC.

ASCII strings are used to form FX messages. Downlink refers to messages from a Controller / PC to a Shuttle, while Uplink messages flow from an Shuttle to a Controller/PC. An FX message always begins with ‘#’. There will always be an address (3 ASCII characters) and a command (1 ASCII character). In some cases a data field will contain a variable number of characters or even no data. A question mark (“?”) in the data field signifies a request. For downlink messages, the “end character” can be either ‘; ‘ or <CR> (both are treated the same).

Many different commands and messages are possible, see table on next page.

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